Advantages of Metal as a Shed Material

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Advantages of Metal as a Shed Material

advantages metal shed material

If you’re considering a storage shed or any other kind of shed on your property, you may be thinking about which material to use. And while you have several choices available, many in this position will find that by far the most advantageous option for their needs is some type of metal, whether steel or another.

At Wasatch Steel, we’re happy to offer a wide range of steel sheet, steel pipe and other steel products to clients around Salt Lake City and other parts of Utah. Here are some of the key advantages steel and other metals tend to hold over plastic, wood and other common shed materials, plus why you should strongly consider metal as your primary material.


One of the chief priorities for anyone building a new shed is making sure it is durable and long-lasting. And in this regard, metal undeniably holds a major advantage. Steel and other metals are far stronger and more resilient than many of the alternatives, providing superior protection from both natural elements like rain as well as manmade threats including vandalism or accidents.

This is the case despite the fact that these metals tend to be lightweight, meaning they won’t be too difficult to assemble or move around your property. Metals withstand every kind of risk you might be worried about, meaning you can trust your shed’s security for years to come.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Metals are usually much easier to take care of than other materials. As long as you clean them down occasionally, metals like steel will require virtually no maintenance from you in order to stay strong and secure over the long term. This means you won’t have to worry about repairing and replacing parts of your shed ever few years, as is sometimes the case for wood or plastic sheds.

Plus, metals will generally stay cooler in the face of extreme heat, meaning they can be a much more comfortable option than other materials that might let excessive warmth into your shed. This also makes them a great choice for larger storage projects, ensuring that your valuable items won’t suffer any kind of ill effect due to weather or temperature.

Easy to Assemble

For those who will be assembling their own shed, metal can be a great material to use. Steel and other metals are usually quite easy to work with, meaning you won’t need any specialist knowledge or tools in order to put your shed together correctly.

Plus, their lightweight construction makes them much simpler to move around when assembling – something that is especially important for larger projects.

Easy to Move

Down similar lines, metal is an excellent choice for those who may need to move their shed around at some point in the future. Due to their lightweight construction, metals like steel can be far easier and less taxing to move than some of the alternatives, meaning you’ll have much more flexibility when it comes time to make a change or switch locations.

For those who may need to move their shed about for various reasons, metal is the ideal option to consider. Especially compared to a product like wood, which is both heavy and fragile and can cause significant problems when trying to move it around, metal is the way to go.

May Not Require a Foundation

While other shed materials almost always require some kind of foundation to build on, metal may not need one in order to remain structurally sound. This is because steel and other metals are so strong and lightweight that they can often stand alone without any extra measures.

Of course, this will depend on the dimensions of your shed as well as the specific materials you’re using, but metal is one of the few materials that can provide this kind of stability without a foundation.

Far Lower Fire Risk

If you’re concerned about the risk of fire when it comes to your shed and its contents, metal is again one of the best materials you can choose. Steel and other metals are far less flammable than alternatives like wood or plastic, meaning there is a much lower chance of disaster if a spark or some other source of ignition should occur in the vicinity.

This makes metal an especially good choice when it comes to storing potentially flammable items, like combustible liquids or gas canisters. The robust fire protection offered by these materials is also ideal for those living in areas with high risk of wildfires.

Cost Efficiency

Finally, largely due to all the benefits we’ve been discussing here, metal is generally considered to be the most cost-efficient choice when it comes to building a shed. With no need for foundation and very little maintenance required over its lifetime, you can trust that your money will be well-spent with any of these materials.

Plus, due to their strength and durability, metals like steel can often last much longer than alternatives, meaning you won’t have to shell out for a replacement any time soon.

For all these reasons and more, metal is an ideal choice when it comes to storage sheds and other projects. With its strength, durability, cost-efficiency and fire protection, it’s easy to see why so many people opt for steel as their shed material.

And at Wasatch Steel, we’re here to provide you with all the quality steel you need in order to make your SLC or nearby Utah project a success. From galvanized steel to angle iron and more, we have all the materials you need – so get in touch today!