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Wasatch Steel helps contractors find the best steel supplies — at the best prices. And we’ve been doing this for decades.

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Wasatch Steel knows the challenges you face as a contractor. You want to meet the demands of every project. But you still need to make profit.

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We source only the best steel products from across the state. From steel pipes to steel sheets and every steel component in between, we have a fully stocked inventory to meet your project requirements.

You can choose from our new, used, or surplus materials to suit your budget —
without compromising on the quality of your structure or fabrication. In addition to the steel products, we also offer tools and equipment.

With Wasatch Steel as your partner, you never have to go anywhere else to source all your project requirements.

Special Pricing for Contractors

Our products and services provide ease for our contractors. When you buy steel supply online with us, you’ll experience convenience and savings.

We make purchasing easy. And we provide special pricing for contractors. With fast, efficient ordering and affordable pricing, we help you save hundreds to thousands of dollars and enable you to deliver timely, quality projects for your clients.

We are in the business of helping your business. For all your steel supplies needs, for any project, trust Wasatch Steel.

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