Why Ordering Steel Early Makes a Difference

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March 15, 2017
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April 1, 2017
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Why Ordering Steel Early Makes a Difference

Winter is ending and the spring months are rolling in, and that means it’s time to get ready for that next big custom steel project. At Wasatch Steel, we have all the materials and solutions you need to get started and be through a big project before the hot summer even gets here.

As it turns out, though, there are benefits to getting started on a steel project well in advance outside avoiding the sweltering heat. Let’s look at a few of these, and why being out in front of your next project is the way to go.

Prices Rising

Steel is one of the largest commodities around the globe, and its prices can fluctuate along with the economy and the value of the dollar. Many experts have forecast a consistent rise in steel prices over the next few years, and it’s looking like they’re on the right track – if so, every month you wait to purchase steel materials could cost you money. In addition, many manufacturers will offer better deals in the late months of winter, before orders have really begun to stack up heavily.

Construction Scheduling

Anyone in construction knows how easy it is for a timetable to suddenly move back, but ordering your materials in advance lowers your risk of this happening. Ordering early puts you on the top of the production list with manufacturers, and there’s far less risk of getting backed up behind other large orders. You also free yourself and other key planners up to spend time organizing other details that can often slip through the cracks while you work on larger issues like this.

Customer Service

Down similar lines, as large orders begin to stack up for steel companies, customer service can suffer in some situations. It’s tougher for manufacturers to consult with customers on an individual, one-on-one basis, and more processes will become rote and automated. Ordering early avoids the logjam.

Want to learn more about spring steel projects, or find out how to buy steel online? Our experts at Wasatch Steel are standing by to assist you.