Steel Products for Sale

Wasatch Steel is your premier source for the finest quality construction and fabrication materials in Salt Lake City, Utah. We created a website where you can find steel products for sale at affordable prices. We have a large inventory of products ranging from cutting and workshop tools to safety gear and welding equipment. We also offer utility hardware, abrasives, railings, and ornamentals.

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All the materials you need are just a few clicks away. Choose among the categories provided to view our product lists, specifications, and pricing details. Add items to your shopping cart and you’re closer to getting the materials you need. It’s that simple and easy. You can either wait for the delivery or pick up your orders at our facility.

We source and sort our products according to their uses and functions, so you’re sure to find what you’re looking for easily. We offer competitive pricing to keep your expenses low while maintaining the highest quality of your work. Whether you’re a contractor looking for the right materials supplier or a metal shop owner, we have you covered. Check out our specials to find out how you can save more.

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