Safety Themes to Consider During Steel Fabrication

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Safety Themes to Consider During Steel Fabrication

safety themes steel fabrication

The world of metal fabrication is a wide one, featuring a number of different processes that can be applied to your metal materials. These processes include everything from bending and cutting to brazing, welding, grinding and several others.

At Wasatch Steel, we’re proud to offer several of these processes among our basic in-house steel services. We also have a variety of materials available for those looking to carry out certain fabrication processes on their own, including a wide range of welding products at the ready. Our steel technicians follow precise, detailed safety guidelines when performing any kind of fabrication, and so should you or anyone you’re working with on such processes. Here are several general tips and themes to consider for steel and metal fabrication safety.

Leadership and Safety Mindset

For starters, a company-wide safety mindset should be put in place by those at the top, including management and ownership alike. Like it or not, workplaces like these tend to follow a top-down culture, and if safety is a top priority among a company’s leadership, this will trickle down to all employees as well. When this culture is instituted and maintained by everyone in positions of leadership and decision-making, it will permeate on downward.

OSHA Training

The OSHA, or Occupational Safety and Health Administration, is a group focused on maintaining safety and other important regulations within numerous labor areas, including steel and metal fabrication. This is a great resource for managers and other group leaders to utilize while attempting to build a culture of safety.

OSHA requirements cover several related areas, including machine guarding, protective gear, hazardous material safety, equipment use and others. It covers a full range of fabrication techniques, including welding, brazing and cutting. These regulations should be part of the foundation of your safety training.

Planning Sessions and Safety

Not only should safety be a top priority, it should be incorporated into various short- and long-term company planning sessions. One great example here is a regular safety audit, which should be carried out often. Your company should have detailed accident investigation protocols in place in case anything goes wrong, plus monthly safety meetings for all staff. A big part of keeping everyone committed to safety involves implementing it as a part of daily life, both now and in the future.

Balancing Deadlines and Safety

One of the top threats to safety within the metal fabrication world: Employees being pushed too hard to complete a job within a given deadline. Safety should always be the top priority here, and it should never be risked to shave a few minutes off a process – this is how people get hurt. It’s also a common reason why fabrication work can suffer, something your customers don’t want to see.

For more on safety within steel and metal fabrication areas, or to learn about any of our steel products or services, speak to the staff at Wasatch Steel today.