The Varying Uses of Steel Channel

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June 15, 2017
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July 1, 2017
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The Varying Uses of Steel Channel

Among the most versatile products you’ll find at a steel supplier like Wasatch Steel is steel channel. It’s a product available in numerous sizes and thicknesses, with a cross-section shaped like a squared-off C, a straight back and two perpendicular extensions on the top and bottom. Some types add short inward-facing lips to the end of the extensions, which makes them similar to rectangular steel tubing.

Steel channel can be used in a huge variety of different structural capacities, and we can provide it in any size or thickness. Here are some of the areas where steel channel is commonly found.


Walls for areas like garages, warehouses, workshops and various metal buildings are commonly made using steel channel, which is used like studs in conventional wood framing. Studs run vertically from the bottom plate of the wall to the top plate, and bear the building’s vertical load. Steel channel is much stronger and more rigid than a wood stud, and the weight difference is negligible.


For light-duty roofs, steel channel can be used as rafters and provide support for the roof deck. Steel over wood rafters makes the rafters smaller and lighter while still supporting the same level of weight, and with longer lasting qualities. Steel channel can also be used for heavy-duty roofs.

Window and Door Frames

For both wood and metal building frames, steel channel can be used to create secure frames. Four pieces are cut with milter joints on each end, and the channel slides over the wall in the window or door opening. This is a much more secure frame than wood, with a flat surface to mount a door or window to. Steel channel is often used for commercial fire doors or sub-grade basement doors.

Vehicle Frames

Steel channel is often specially formed to construct vehicle frames. It can be used for both the main frame rails and for cross members, braces or structural components like radiator supports. Steel channel prevents a vehicle from flexing too much, but still allows movement to compensate for engine torque.

Want to learn more about the uses of steel channel, or interested in any of our other steel services? The experts at Wasatch Steel are standing by.