Wasatch Steel provides the highest quality steel plates for industrial and commercial projects. Whether you need to buy steel plate in small batches or require bulk orders, we’ll supply it.

Our fast and efficient online ordering system will also make the entire process easy. We make sure you meet your project requirements — on time. With our real-time, accurate pricing online, we can also help you control your budget.

Because our business is helping your business.

A Wide Range of Applications

The basic quality of steel plates is increased strength due to its fabrication. Layers upon layers of steel sheets, forged until one steel plate is made, each plate has a natural toughness to it. This is why it’s entrusted for heavy-duty structural applications in the military, offshore construction, and petro-chemical plants.

Even if you don’t use the steel plates as they were used in shipbuilding or bridge construction, steel plates will still be a quality addition to your project. It adds reinforcement to any structure and strength in enclosures. Mixed with other materials, you’ll be able to save costs and focus on areas where you need structural toughness.

Your Trusted Steel Supplier in Utah

Wasatch Steel ensures that every steel product — not just steel plate — is checked before shipping out of our facility. Our products are affordable, but we also make sure that each item is durable.

We can also work on your steel plates so you wouldn’t have to punch holes or bend these reinforced plates. We have the equipment to accomplish metalworking on all your orders, big or small. We’ll complete the job on time, whether you’re having it delivered or picking it up at our site.

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