Common Steel Uses in Modern Construction

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February 9, 2017
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Common Steel Uses in Modern Construction

Laser cutting steel frames

Many years ago, steel was very expensive and only used for limited purposes. Today, steel is now one of the most popular building products used across numerous industries, and it’s a vital piece of many construction projects.

At Wasatch Steel, we provide all the steel services necessary for you to complete your next steel project. Let’s look at some of the most common uses for steel in modern construction.


Buildings began being constructed with steel frames as early as 1896, and now it’s one of the most common design formats. Wide sheets of steel are used to cover the tops of frames, while bolts and fasteners are used to connect beams to individual columns. Steel frames have made buildings like skyscrapers possible to build in a safe way, especially with the implementation of fire resistant elements on steel.


Many roofs are made of galvanized steel, and others are made of some combination of silicon-coated steel and zinc or aluminum. Stainless steel, lead and copper may also be used. Steel roofs are known to be extremely durable over the lifespan of a building, and are usually coated with epoxy or ceramic to prevent rust and water damage over time.


Concrete is strong, but for many construction applications, it isn’t strong enough. Steel bars can majorly improve the strength of concrete, and this is a vital technique used in modern buildings. It first began being used as a technique in the early 1900s, with 10-plus-story constructions beginning using it as early as 1904.

Fixing and Fasteners

Many of the most commonly used fixings and fastenings for construction projects are made using basic stainless steel. These are extremely common in the automotive industry, and in aerospace and other manufacturing areas. They’re vital for stability and safety in the construction workplace, coming in many different types and sizes based on the type of construction involved.

Want to learn more about the many uses of steel, or about any of our steel services? The experts at Wasatch Steel are standing by.