Common Uses of Structural Steel

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August 1, 2017
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Common Uses of Structural Steel

Structural steel describes a category of steel used as a construction material to make structural shapes, and as a top steel supplier in Utah, we at Wasatch Steel can handle all your structural steel needs. As you’ll see here, structural steel has some of the most wide-ranging uses of any steel product.

What are some of these uses, and what are some of the most common structures for which structural steel is used during construction? Let’s take a look.

Large, Industrial Buildings

Most high-rise buildings you see are designed using some kind of steel due to its low weight and great strength. For buildings under 500 feet, reinforced steel and concrete will generally be used. For skyscrapers over 500 feet, a steel frame is almost always part of the construction.

Not only does steel act as one of the strongest possible foundations for these buildings, it’s perfect for construction due to its ease of use. Steel can be fabricated quickly, which allows for much quicker production. Combine that with its durability and relatively low cost compared to similar products, and you have the perfect product for larger projects.


For residential buildings constructed using steel, a process called light gauge steel is used to maximize strength. Wooden 2x4s are replaced with steel, turning the building into a stronger and more dependable version of a traditional wooden-framed structure. Virtually any residence can be enhanced using this process.

Parking Garages

For some of the same reasons it’s perfect for large buildings, steel is also perfect for parking structures. Low cost, shortened construction time and long-term durability are all attractive factors for a parking garage, as is the light weight and ease of construction steel provides.


Steel’s great strength-to-weight ratio makes it perfect for bridges, and its durability ensures that it can withstand the pressure a bridge undertakes. The Brooklyn Bridge is the oldest suspension bridge in the US at 127 years old, and unsurprisingly it uses mostly steel-wire suspensions.

Want to learn more about the large-scale uses of structural steel, or interested in any of our other steel services? Speak to the experts at Wasatch Steel today.