Keeping Stainless Steel Products Clean

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September 18, 2016
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October 1, 2016
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Keeping Stainless Steel Products Clean

Hand with rag wiping down stainless steel stove top range

There are many benefits to owning stainless steel products, such as the average lifespan is longer,  they create an aesthetically pleasing look, and are resistant to bacteria and germs.

Like any other household equipment there are also challenges to owning stainless steel products. For most, this is keeping them free of food spills, grease, fingerprints, and any other type of residue.

However, once you understand how to establish the direction of the grain and choose the right kinds of cleaners the cleaning process will be much simpler.

The grain is the tiny markings that are on your products surface. In most circumstances the grain should be facing the same directions on every sheet of steel. This does not mean that your whole stove, refrigerator, or dishwasher is made of the same type of steel sheets.

The chemicals go deeper into the appliance when you clean in the direction of the grain, creating a more noticeable and longer lasting shine.

Some more tips for keeping your stainless steel appliances clean:

  1. Use a soft cloth every time: Using microfiber towels or paper towels is a good way to effectively wip up spills without scratching your stainless steel products up.
  2. Use the grain: As mentioned it is best to wipe in the same direction of the grain to avoid scratching.
  3. Use hot water: You don’t need to pour hot water on your appliances, but a mix of mild soap and hot water can loosen dried on grime. Hot water also dries faster and is less likely to leave lines when you dry the appliance.
  4. Use vinegar: You can spray diluted white vinegar on your stainless steel products and ti will cut through greasy fingerprints and spills. The acid will leave a cloudy look on the steel though, so you would need to buff your appliances with a tiny bit of mineral oil and a microfiber cloth or paper towel.
  5. Use oil and soap: A mixture of mineral or baby oil with dish soap is really all you need to get your appliances glistening.

To obtain the best cleaning results for your stainless steel products no matter what cleaner you use, make sure you are using a non-abrasive towel or cloth.