Staying Safe While Working With Steel

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October 1, 2016
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October 15, 2016
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Staying Safe While Working With Steel

When working with steel or other metals, safety simply must be a top priority. Even seemingly minor accidents in this industry can be catastrophic given the tools and materials being used on a regular basis, and the highest precautions need to be taken to ensure that these accidents never come close to happening.

Once you’ve procured your custom steel from a reputable vendor – such as Wasatch Steel, a top steel shop servicing all of Utah – these safety issues come to the forefront. Here are some general guidelines for staying safe while working with steel:


The safety process begins well before you pick up a single tool. Proper clothing is the first bit of protection you get while working with steel, and any faulty products here could lead to issues in a hurry. The right clothing will depend on your exact steel project, but common items include:

  • Durable gloves
  • Leather shoes or boots
  • Safety glasses
  • Flame-resistant jackets or full-length pants

Wondering if you’ve got the right clothing for a steel project? Our customer service professionals at Wasatch Steel are happy to assist.


We’re talking tools here, the steel worker’s paintbrush. No one asks an artist to create a picture with the wrong color paint, though, and you likewise shouldn’t settle for improper tools for your steel project. Just like with clothing, the exact tools you’ll need will depend on your particular project – and Wasatch Steel has many of the products you’ll need plus the expertise to apply them correctly.


Working in a well-lighted area is a big part of staying safe while working with steel. Keep in mind that steel shines and reflects light, so if possible, try to have multiple light sources available, both natural and man-made. Don’t let your pride lead to an avoidable accident – if there’s any chance you might need more light, just assume you do.

Patience and Common Sense

Simple bits of common sense are really the foundation for safety in the steel workplace. Don’t rush any project, regardless of the demands – your safety is more important. Use basic judgement as you work, and avoid shortcuts that might put you at risk just to save a minute or two. If a certain action feels like it might be risky, it probably is.

As you look for safety tips and the top steel products on the market for your project keep Wasatch Steel at the top of your list.