Why Steel is Best For Barnes or Stables

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September 15, 2017
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October 1, 2017
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Why Steel is Best For Barnes or Stables

At Wasatch Steel, we’re proud of the wide range of applications that can be created using elements of our steel products and steel services. Our steel products are found in projects large and small, ranging across numerous fields.

One such field is that of horse owners and some of their most necessary structures: Barns. For many years, horse and animal owners have been building barns primarily with wooden support beams. As steel has become more popular, though, it has become the material of choice for many people looking to build a new barn or stable. Let’s look at some of the benefits steel can offer as a building material for a barn.

Design Flexibility

You’ll be spending a lot of time in a barn, and it should be just as comfortable for you as for your animals. Steel materials give a design flexibility that wood materials simply can’t – they make it easy to add features or modify structures, and column-free interiors provide much more open space than you’d traditionally find in a bar. This space also makes it easy to change up design scheme for new animals or a changing emphasis.

Efficiency and Savings

A steel barn can be assembled and erected very quickly – with a good project coordinator, a normal-sized horse barn can be up and fully functioning within days. In addition, a large riding area can cost up to 50 percent less foe the same size barn as traditional construction.


Various pests, such as raccoons, possums, mice and rats, are all common visitors to barns. These can damage the facility, and also create big problems with your animal feed supply. Steel buildings, however, remove this risk – they’re built without the kind of gaps that allow these critters in, and they can’t be gnawed through like many forms of wood can be.


Steel is known as the most durable building material out there, and this is the case for barns as well. Steel can resist the worst weather a barn might experience, and is noncombustible in cases of fire. Steel structures are built to last, and often come with lengthy warranties. They also include minimal maintenance, compared to traditional wooden barns that often include significant maintenance concerns.

To learn more about steel materials for barns or stables, or to find out about any of our other steel services, contact the pros at Wasatch Steel today.