How Steel is Used in the Automotive Industry

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February 12, 2017
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How Steel is Used in the Automotive Industry

Steel car frame

automobile body at car plant

As your top provider of steel services in Utah, we at Wasatch steel are well aware of the many applications of steel in the workplace. One of the most common and important: The automobile industry.

Since becoming a more popular product over the last few decades, steel items have become mainstays in several areas of the automotive industry. Let’s look at some of the most common areas where they’re found in vehicles, and how they’ve helped improve safety and efficiency in these areas.

Bumpers and Reinforcements

Bumpers are some of a vehicle’s first defenses against any major impact, and as such they demand a very high level of force absorption. Using high-strength steel has become the standard operating procedure here – it’s strong and durable, plus can contribute to major weight savings.

Down similar lines, there are many other areas of a car that need powerful reinforcement. Sill reinforcements and cross-members, for instance, both need high energy absorption, and both are even more effective at a low weight. With the proper geometrical shaping, stiffness can be fully maintained here.

Door Beams

Again, weight savings are a major consideration here. Side impact beams are now commonly made using high-quality steel, which is lighter in weight than comparable products plus even more durable.


Seats are some of the heaviest items in the car, so using the lightest products which are still durable is the way to go. High-strength steel benefits the entire frame’s support capabilities without sacrificing any flexibility or support considerations.


The chassis of a given vehicle goes through some of the most stress of any of a car’s parts, so it needs excellent fatigue resistance properties – these are found in high-quality steel, as are high levels of formability that lend themselves perfectly to the chassis’ purpose.

Want to learn more about steel applications in the workplace, or interested in any of our steel services? The experts at Wasatch Steel are standing by.