Storage Tips for Welding Materials

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July 15, 2017
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Storage Tips for Welding Materials

Welding is a common and vital part of steel work in many industries, and if you’re someone who utilizes it regularly, you want all your welding materials to remain in the best shape possible. This involves the proper maintenance and storage of these items.

At Wasatch Steel, we can provide you with equipment for MIG, ARC and TIG welding – it’s up to you, however, to keep it well-maintained. Here are a few basic tips for properly storing your welding materials to keep them working optimally for as long as possible.

Rod Storage

Always store rods in an upright position to prevent them from falling over and becoming damaged. Rods should be stored in waterproof containers, and the various types of rods should be kept completely separate during storage. This will make sure that rods remain dry, a vital factor, and will also keep you from mixing them up and accidentally using the wrong welding process.

Loose Hose Coiling

When you store welding hoses, do so in a way that leaves them loosely coiled. This prevents any long term damaged that might be caused by tightness or knots in the hose as it sits. These kinds of folds or creases can lead to significant wear issues down the road, and may take years off the lifespan of your equipment.

Balance Welding Tanks

Welding tanks can’t tip over during storage, so make sure they’re properly balanced. This will reduce any risk of leaks or rare explosions. Also, be sure to check valves in your tanks before storage to ensure that they’re fully closed and turned off.

Unplug, Turn Off

Down similar lines, make sure all connections are unplugged during storage. If you have the welder connected to an AC or DC current, unplug these connections and make sure switches are turned to off.

Want more tips for storing welding equipment, or interested in any of our other steel services? The experienced professionals at Wasatch Steel are here to help.