Tips for Finding the Right Steel Contractor

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March 1, 2017
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March 15, 2017
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Tips for Finding the Right Steel Contractor

At Wasatch Steel, we’re your go-to source for purchasing the highest quality steel online. Our steel services include providing the right materials, plus any shearing, cutting, punching or other processed elements you require for your next project.

In many situations, though, we’re only part of the equation – many projects require an independent contractor to help you with the hands-on installation and maintenance you need. We have a great relationship with many local contractors, and with that in mind, here are some tips for making sure you find a reputable contractor.

Trusted Sources

Modern times make it easy to just do a quick internet search and go with the top result, and while there are definitely many cases where this will work out, it’s not a foolproof plan. Asking around other reputable sources is a good idea – if you have any close friends or family who have used steel contractors in the past, pick their brain a bit on their experiences.

We’re also happy to provide input at Wasatch Steel. The more legitimate sources of information you have about your options, the better.

Licenses and Specialties

One of the first things to check when speaking to prospective contractors is their licensing, which shows credibility and knowledge. Unlicensed contractors will throw cheap rates and crazy deals at you, but don’t let these sway you into hiring someone who might do shoddy work.

In addition, if possible, look for a contractor who specializes in your specific project. Many project types will require specified regulations or codes, but these areas will be a breeze if you have someone with a knowledge for this sort of thing.


Ask any prospective contractors to provide samples of past work. You can get an idea of the kinds of projects they’ve completed, and their general craftsmanship. In some cases, contractors will even refer you to previous customers for specific recommendations – this is usually a sign of a very confident contractor.

Have the Plan Ready

If you don’t know exactly what you need when you enter this process, ending up with the wrong contractor will be entirely your own fault. Make sure everything is laid out in advance – this will give you time to identify the traits you need in a contractor, and leave no ambiguity to the process.

For more information about any of our steel services, or how to find the right contractor, speak to the experts at Wasatch Steel today.