Trouble With Less Reputable Steel Vendors

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May 15, 2017
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June 1, 2017
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Trouble With Less Reputable Steel Vendors

As your longtime first stop for steel services in Utah, we at Wasatch Steel naturally hear about our competition via our clients. We’re never ones to spread gossip, but it’s unavoidable that certain customers will lay out their list of grievances from another steel supplier that wasn’t able to fill their needs.

Rather than use this information to gloat, we’re focused on making it productive. We listen to any complaints you have, whether they’re about us or a competitor, and attempt to make the sort of improvements that will keep you coming back. Here are some of the most common complaints we hear, plus how we can keep you away from these trouble areas at Wasatch Steel.

Too Expensive

Likely the most common complaint we hear is overcharging for basic or unacceptable services. Far too many steel suppliers are just out to make a quick buck, and consistently drive up prices without considering the long term. A long-running, reputable vendor like Wasatch Steel knows that customers want to pay fairly for what they’re receiving, and our prices reflect the true cost of production without greedy hikes.

Not Built to Last

If price is the most common complaint, quality isn’t far behind. The quality of your steel is absolutely vital for any application you’ll be using it for, and low-quality materials are not only inconvenient, they’re downright dangerous.

At Wasatch Steel, we stand by our quality. We only use premium sheet metal with the durability to last a lifetime, and you’ll never come back to us worried about faulty materials.

Local Requirements

A building that might be structurally sound in one part of the country might not be in another depending on the elements, but many steel suppliers don’t factor this in at all. Certain materials may not pass local regulations in certain areas, and a manufacturer without experience navigating these sorts of rules can get you in big trouble in a hurry. This is why you need a more experienced vendor on your side.

Client Needs

And of course, meeting local requirements won’t mean much unless the client’s needs are met as well. Often the structures and materials procured from other vendors don’t meet basic needs – they offer less usable space, or there are thickness or cutting concerns. This isn’t a concern with a high-quality vendor, who will tailor specifications to meet specific client needs rather than delivering via a rote production system.

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