The Unexpected Uses for Ratchet Straps

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January 16, 2017
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The Unexpected Uses for Ratchet Straps

It’s common for people to purchase ratchet straps from Wasatch Steel, only to use them once for a specific project and then let them sit and collect dust in the garage. Of all our steel services, ratchet straps might be the some of the most commonly used for one-time purposes and nothing more.

In many cases, this is a real waste of a resource. Ratchet straps are more versatile than you might think, and they have several secondary uses – both within the steel workplace and outside it. Here are a few of their hidden benefits.

Replace Clamps

Whether it’s steel work or another product like wood, you can use ratchet straps in place of clamps in many situations. There are many kinds of projects which might simply be too large for any clamps in your toolbox, but ratchet straps will rarely have these sorts of concerns. Use them to hold everything together for your next big project.

Hoist Items

Ratchet straps are great for hoisting heavy loads. They’re strong and durable, and often far less expensive than a specially-built hoist rig. Many people use them to lift a camper top off a vehicle, or suspend a load temporarily.

Secure Loads

Whether on top of a car or in the bed of a truck, this is one of the original purposes for ratchet straps. Many people automatically look to bungee cords here, but this can be dangerous for certain loads or weight levels. Ratchet straps are typically much stronger and have fewer accidents associated with them.

Building Furniture

There are some furniture manufacturers in Europe who don’t even use nails and screws – instead, they use ratchet straps to hold pieces together.


There are several potential uses for ratchet straps in recreation, especially outdoor recreation. They’re great for certain uses within rock climbing and bouldering, and their material has exploded in popularity in recent years as slacklining has become more and more common.

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