Common Uses of Aircraft Cable

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January 8, 2017
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Common Uses of Aircraft Cable

On top of the plethora of custom steel products and services provided at Wasatch Steel, we also stock several different types of aircraft cable. Everything from galvanized to vinyl coated cables are available, in various lengths and thicknesses.

We obviously think of aircraft and their various mechanical needs when we talk about aircraft cable, but there are several other primary uses for the product which may have nothing to do with planes whatsoever. Let’s look at a few common uses, including the main one.


Whether it’s physically securing aircraft themselves, or securing cargo and keeping it tied down, this is the primary use for aircraft cable – hence the name. As the work would suggest, this means cables are some of the strongest and most heavy-duty products on the market.

Boats and Maritime

Stainless steel aircraft cable is often highly recommended in several boat and docking situations – everything from securing boats to sailboat rigging and hoisting from the water. Stainless steel has anti-corrosion qualities that make it an attractive choice for these kinds of projects.

Lifting and Rigging

The strength of aircraft cable makes it great for lifting a variety of items. It’s commonly used in wenches and pulleys for all sorts of applications – think stage rigging, for instance, where a pulley system is used to rig curtains to open and close (or for other backdrops and lighting suspension).

Zip Lines

Aircraft cable is big on the entertainment and recreation side, as well. Zip lines are just one of several outdoor products that might utilize its strength and durability. There are few other cables as reliable at holding heavy weight.

Garage Doors

Many types of aircraft cable are common in garage doors, which need a strong pulley system to keep them functioning automatically – especially in modern times, with more and more people looking to heavy garage doors for security.

Exercise Equipment

Especially for larger weight machines, aircraft cable are perfect for maintaining pulley systems without major wear and tear. It’s commonly found in larger commercial gyms, and is used in many commonly sold home gym products as well.

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