Keeping Eyes Safe During Welding

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December 21, 2016
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Keeping Eyes Safe During Welding

There are a dozen reasons why safety is vital in the metal workplace, and especially within the welding realm, eye protection is chief among them. Welding presents several potential risks to the eyes and face if we don’t take proper precautions.

At Wasatch Steel, we provide a full range of strong safety products for all your steel project needs. Let’s look at the common sources of eye injury through welding, the types of damage sustained, and products best used for protection.

Sources of Injury

Welding-related eye injuries can come from more than one primary source. A few of the common causes of eye injuries include:

  • Mechanical damage: From things like chipped slag, flying particles or other physical contact.
  • Irritation or burns: From various fumes and chemicals used in the welding process.
  • Radiation and photochemical burns: Welding can produce strong quantities of ultraviolet and infrared radiation, plus intense blue light. These can cause burns and other skin issues.

Types of Damage

There are few corresponding types of eye damage which can take place:

  • Ultraviolet damage: Normally absorbed in the cornea and lens of the eye. Can cause arc flash (also called arc eye), an extremely painful injury that comes with swelling and tearing.
  • Visible spectrum radiation: Pierces through to retina, can cause permanent damage like cataracts, light sensitivity and glare.
  • Cumulative effects: Many welders develop yellow spots in the white part of the eye over a period of years, and others experience membrane deterioration. Corneal scarring is also often present.
  • Physical damage: From molten and cold metal particles striking the eye. Still the most common form of eye damage.

Safety Products

As your go-to steel supplier, Wasatch Steel has each of the following products available for welding eye safety:

  • Goggles: The first and most direct line of defense for your eyes
  • Side-shields: Often built into goggles, but if they aren’t, get them separately
  • Helmet: Protects from things like sunburn and welder’s flash

Want to learn more about this or any other element of our steel services? The experts at Wasatch Steel are awaiting your call.