Tips for Welding Projects

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October 15, 2016
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November 1, 2016
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Tips for Welding Projects

welder working with electrode at semi-automatic arc welding in manufacture production plant

One of the most common processes in the metal industry is welding, or the joining of two materials by fusion. Steel is a product regularly used in welding, most commonly through a process called “MIG welding,” which uses a wire electrode and gas to leave a slag-free weld on steel products.

At Wasatch Steel, we provide many of the products and steel services you’ll need for steel welding – including, of course, the highest-quality steel available. Here are some of the basics to be aware of when starting a welding project:

Safety First

Safety is the most important consideration for all welding projects. Fire hazards need to be removed, and the workspace needs to be cleared of any potentially dangerous items.

Proper equipment also needs to be worn, as this is often the first line of defense against potential issues. Typical welding equipment includes the following:

  • Leather shoes or boots
  • Full-length, cuff-less pants
  • Flame-resistant jacket
  • Leather gloves
  • Welding helmet
  • Safety glasses
  • Bandana or skull cap (protects skin from sparks)


There are a few other things you’ll need to prepare before you get started. First, of course, you’ll need to purchase your steel from a reputable vendor like Wasatch Steel. From there, a couple specific areas to prep:

  • Metal: MIG wire doesn’t do much against contaminants like rust, dirt or oil, so be sure to clean your steel down with a metal brush or grinder. Make sure your clamps are connecting to clean metal. If needed, bevel your joints.
  • Voltage/Amperage: A number of factors go into deciding these, including thickness, position, gas used and others.
  • Gas selection: A 75-25 blend of argon and carbon dioxide leaves the least spatter and better appearance, but 100 percent carbon dioxide gas can provide deeper penetration.


There are four positions from which to complete a welding project: Flat, horizontal, vertical and overhead. Which you choose will be influenced by a number of factors, and could determine whether you use the “push” technique or the “pull” technique with your welding gun. Experts like our staff at Wasatch Steel can help you make these decisions before you start your project.

Interested in a welding project or steel welding materials? Contact Wasatch Steel today acheter viagra – our professional staff is standing by to assist you.