How Zinc Coating Benefits Steel

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October 21, 2016
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November 8, 2016
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How Zinc Coating Benefits Steel

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Anyone who frequently works with custom steel will know just how important standard maintenance is. It’s vital to keep steel looking new and not showing any signs of aging, particularly rust and corrosion that often develop when steel becomes oxidized.

A common and useful preventative measure for rust and corrosion in steel is zinc coating. Zinc serves as a first line of defense which protects the steel from certain elements, and can ward off rust concerns for much longer than standard steel. At Wasatch Steel, we stock a number of products which use zinc coating, primarily several zinc-coated chains.

Which specific benefits does zinc hold for your steel project? Let’s take a look.


The primary draw of zinc coatings for steel projects is its effectiveness at warding off the oxidation that typically leads to rust and corrosion. Before rust can reach the metal itself, zinc forms a barrier that makes the onset of corrosion (due to moisture entering and expanding the metal) anywhere from 10 to 100 times slower than it might originally have been.

Zinc is more effective than other products with similar potential benefits, including cadmium plating. It’s also very flexible and has a high temperature tolerance, which can be very beneficial when working with hot steel.


Zinc coating is also safer than cadmium plating or other forms of coating which generally use at least one substance that’s harmful to humans. Zinc is actually found in our bodies naturally, and while it’s certainly not recommended that you intentionally ingest any of your zinc products, they offer far fewer health risks than many similar products.


The main draws of zinc coatings for steel are all practical, but there are some visual benefits as well. Zinc-coated products will often look shiny and new, and give off an impression of quality – one they can back up in practice, as well.

Zinc-coated products are among the main steel services and products we offer at Wasatch Steel, where our skilled and professional staff are standing by to assist you.