Value of Corrugated Steel and Metal in the Roofing World

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Value of Corrugated Steel and Metal in the Roofing World

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The processes that are carried out on various steel and other metal surfaces often define their common uses, and a good example here is what’s known as corrugated metal. Commonly found on roofs and in similar settings, corrugated metal refers to metal that’s been processed and strengthened for use through the addition of grooves and ridges to the entire surface.

At Wasatch Steel, we’re here to offer a huge range of steel products that can be brought through these various processes, including steel sheet, steel plate and numerous others. What is the steel and metal corrugation process, and why is this material so especially beneficial to those in the roofing world? Here’s a rundown.

Corrugated Metal Basics and Process

As we noted above, corrugated metal refers to metal that has been processed and strengthened through the addition of grooves and ridges to the entire surface. This is most often done with sheets of steel, which are heated, bent via a process called roll forming, and then pressurized for further strength.

This entire process is known as cold-forming, which can lead to various different arrangements and patterns, and corrugated metal is considered to be among the strongest cold-formed materials available on today’s market. This allows for this material’s use in a huge range of applications; while it’s commonly used for roofs and walls, other uses might include structural support, building surfaces and even packaging.

Why is it so beneficial in these settings? Here are a few of the reasons.


Corrugated metal is incredibly durable, and it’s estimated that these types of roofs can last almost three times as long as smooth steel roofs. This is what helps to make them so incredibly popular for use on all sorts of roofing projects; these heavy-duty materials are great at resisting impacts while also offering excellent fire resistance.

They’re also not susceptible to corrosion, which can take place with untreated steel or other materials. In fact, this corrugated metal is so resistant to environmental factors that it doesn’t even need re-coating like some roofing surfaces do.

Weather Resistance

This material also offers excellent weather resistance, and the waterproof panels on these roofs are able to handle full immersion in water without damage. This makes them great for use in settings such as living quarters and barns, where high levels of weather exposure may be common.

They are completely leak-proof, a vital quality for those who need to protect important things like their livestock. As long as they’re properly coated with epoxy and/or ceramic paints, the roofing material is also quite easy to clean and resistant to algae and other forms of plant growth.

Simple Installation

Speaking of the installation process, it’s extremely simple. Corrugated metals are typically light and easy to move around, and they’re also completely recyclable and reusable.

This allows for a huge amount of versatility, as these panels can be easily cut to size if needed. They can even be used in applications where other materials might not be functional or aesthetically suitable, such as garden fencing and retaining walls. This is yet another reason why the product has such a wide range of uses, which is an impressive accomplishment in the roofing world.

Limited Environmental Impact

Corrugated metals are one of the most sustainable roofing materials on the market. They’re extremely resistant to harsh environmental conditions, and they can last almost indefinitely with minimal upkeep. In addition to this, their use doesn’t require a great deal of energy or product during production. And as we noted above, they’re 100% recyclable, making them an ideal process for those looking to stay as eco-friendly as possible.

Limited Maintenance

Corrugated metal roofs also require very little maintenance in general, which can be a significant benefit when compared to other materials. The only thing that’s typically needed is an annual check-up and some liquid epoxy coating during the summer months.

These roofs are also great for use on green roofs, such as those that use plants such as mosses and succulents to help filter rain water and reduce impacts on the surrounding ecosystem. The use of corrugated metals is increasing in these types of applications, allowing people to have lush green spaces while protecting them from harsh environmental factors at the same time.

Improved Indoor Comfort and Decreased Energy Costs

Because of how good they are at preventing temperature transfer between inside and out, these types of roofs are also great for improving the overall indoor comfort levels in homes or other structures. This can have a significant impact on energy costs, an important fact to take into consideration when building green structures. Without effective insulation, you might find yourself paying more than necessary to keep your home at comfortable temperatures.

But with a corrugated metal roof that’s properly insulated, natural cooling processes more efficient. This also makes it easier to use renewable sources of energy, reducing the overall impact that your building has on the environment.

Property Value

Finally, there’s no denying the positive impact a corrugated metal roof can have on the overall value of your property. This type of roof is popular in many areas, and it’s also pretty easy to get customized colors or patterns applied if you’re interested in something more unique.

Home and building owners are looking for a strong return on investment (ROI) when installing a roof, and corrugated metals consistently deliver. Not only do they help protect your property from the ravages of time and nature, but they can also boost its value for resale purposes or even inspire a buyer to make an offer before it’s on the market for too long.

For more on corrugated steel and metal and their benefits within the roofing world, or to learn about any of our steel products or steel services, speak to the pros at Wasatch Steel today.