Value of Magnets and Welding Clamps in Metal Welding, Part 2

magnets welding clamps metal
Value of Magnets and Welding Clamps in Metal Welding, Part 1
March 6, 2020
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March 20, 2020
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Value of Magnets and Welding Clamps in Metal Welding, Part 2

magnets welding clamps metal

In part one of this two-part blog series, we went over some of the basics of magnets and welding clamps within the metal and steel welding world. Vital for many welding projects, these items are often ideal for holding various metal sheet or tube formats while the welding process is carried out.

At Wasatch Steel, we’re happy to recommend the proper welding clamps or magnets for any of our high-quality steel sheet, steel tube or other steel products you might be considering welding. In today’s part two of our series, we’ll go over a few of the magnet and clamp types generally available on the market today, plus which might be best for your welding needs.

Standard Clamps

In some cases, a standard clamp – also known as a four-in-one clamp – is perfectly acceptable for a given welding project. This format involves securing a piece of sheet metal to your welding table, or converting this piece into a pipe clamp using a V-Pad.

From here, you add an extender block and reverse the clamp arm on the piece. This creates a spreader for laying out your metal cross-pieces and welding them one at a time. You can add further extender blocks to create a step-over clamp, allowing you to step over I-beams and other potential obstacles that may be present.

Adjust-O Magnets

For many welding project types, however, standard clamps will not be enough and magnetic formats may be introduced. One such product is the Adjust-O Magnet, which allows for holding of two metal pieces in place as long as the metal is ferromagnetic (attracted to magnets). The Adjust-O magnet is laid on the horizontal piece, then the cross-piece is aligned and the  magnet switch is flipped to lock both pieces in place.

Next, the switch can be reversed when the job is complete to remove the attachment. These devices come with 150 pounds of magnetic force, plus precision surfaces.

Sheet Metal Magnet Types

There are also strong magnets with plastic handles made for holding sheet metal for areas like automotive metal panels and similar applications. These plastic handles allow for easy placement and movement of magnets, which can be placed anywhere on the sheet as needed. Magnets are very strong, made with rare earth metals for excellent gripping power. There are a couple magnet types generally utilized here:

  • Snake magnets: This refers to a set of two flat magnetic pads, plus a cable that holds the metal at various angles. This cable is capable of bending in any direction. The snake magnet set also comes with a spring clamp and small hold tools if a third holding source is needed.
  • Ground hog clamp: This is a clamp that offers a contact point, allowing for complete transfer of electrical circuit. This type is generally used when a smooth, continuous arc with no heat transfer is required.

For more on welding magnets and clamps, or to learn about any of our steel products or services, speak to the staff at Wasatch Steel today.