Using Steel for DIY Summer Entertainment Projects

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May 14, 2019
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Using Steel for DIY Summer Entertainment Projects

Utah is one of the top locations in the entire country for outdoor fun and adventure, and this is true during both winter and summer. As we transition into spring and summer is around the corner, many are gearing up for a summer full of entertainment.

At Wasatch Steel, we’re here to assist one particular such group with many of our steel services: Handy, do-it-yourself go-getters who are looking to personally craft a project that will help you and the family enjoy everything a Utah summer has to offer. Let’s look at three examples of summer projects we can help you find the perfect materials for.

steel DIY summer projects

Boat and Trailer

Utah has numerous boating location opportunities, including proximity to Lake Powell, and steel is a fantastic material for building your own boat. It’s particularly valuable for larger or more durable boats due to its strength.

Before purchasing materials, consider hull size above all else. If this boat will be used in larger bodies of water that deal with significant chop, you’ll want a narrow hull for better stability. If you’ll just be taking it into rivers and smaller bodies, rounder and flatter hull shapes make traveling in shallower water a bit easier.

For both a steel boat and accompanying trailer, all you’ll really need is a group of simple tools. Collect hammers, saws, benches, vices and a power drill. From here, ensure you have stainless steel screws, epoxy resins and any hardeners. For your trailer, you’ll also want either steel or aluminum beams, plus stainless steel nuts to hold things together. If you have a production saw you can cut these materials yourselves, or you can refer this service to us.

Steel Roll Cage

Another common activity in the Utah summer is off-roading, and many who take this seriously need roll cages to keep themselves and their vehicles safe. Roll cages are even mandatory in certain kinds of racing.

For strong, durable roll cages, steel is the way to go. You can make your own from basic steel bars of various thicknesses. Be sure that the steel you use is MIG welded to keep it strong and looking proper. If you need to shape the steel, you can either call our pros or invest in a tube bender.


If you have the skills, you can construct your very own go-kart using our steel products. Use square metal tubing for the frame, plus steel rods for the stub axles and washer pins to hold tings together. You can even use steel for the chassis, plus use steel bolts or lock nuts to secure it. For a seat, consider foam-covered plywood or another similar product, covered with vinyl. In addition, you can even mount the engine on a steel plate and construct steering links using steel rods.

For more on how steel products can help you construct your next piece of summer fun, or for information on any of our steel services, speak to the staff at Wasatch Steel today.